The White Beyond The Wall is a free fantasy audiobook podcast, with original music and sound effects.

A fantasy novel about two teenage weremen and their struggle with girls, intolerance, and each other. Aron and Jacob can turn into an owl and a dolphin. They head to university from the small town of C'Wall, but the outside world is not as cosy as their fishing community, and their powers aren't that useful either. Written, told and composed by George Lewkowicz (@TheSuperbard) Episodes will be weekly.

If you'd like George to perform from The White Beyond The Wall in a theatre, or at a cabaret or spoken word evening near you, send him and the organisers an email and they'll make it happen. He also has performed four Edinburgh Fringe shows, The Flood, Superbard Starts to Save the World, Superbard and the Sexy Quantum Stories, and Superbard.